About AIC


We are dedicated to providing you with accurate, insightful and clear information about the property that you are considering purchasing, already own or are in the process of renovating.

The importance of an accurate inspection should not be underestimated. Initial building appearances are not enough in assessing a property’s true condition. Post purchase costs can be significant and make a particular purchase more or less feasible.

We DO NOT provide incomprehensible pre-printed checkbox type reports.

AIC can provide inspection services in multiple trade fields. Our experienced inspectors and consultants are highly qualified and licensed professionals who have been working in the trades for decades.

  • 30+ years residential and commercial construction
  • 20+ years construction cost estimating
  • 20+ years project management
  • 15+ years building inspection experience
  • 10+ years Housing Court experience
  • 6.5 years full time property manager for investment properties

It’s not an inspector’s place to tell you whether you should or should not buy a particular property. I do not know all the variables that factor into your home buying decision.
Our job consists of 3 basic goals:

  • Provide you with information about the property you are considering purchasing This includes a thorough home inspection and report including photographs.
  • Provide you information about potential safety concerns about that property
  • Provide you with post purchase cost issues
    There are at least two primary costs related to any home purchase. The initial purchase price and post purchase costs. Post purchase costs can be minor or major. Some costs may be immediate, while other costs can be spent over time. Post purchase costs can alter the feasibility of a particular home purchase.