‘Home Inspections That Matter’

Accurate Inspections & Consulting provides a variety of inspection types to meet client real estate assessment needs. AIC performs home & condo inspections for homebuyers. We also conduct property assessments for large multi-unit and commercial buildings, Condo reserve studies for Associations; Code compliance and contract consulting for rehab projects; and pre-sale evaluations We pride ourselves in providing clear, relevant and useful information to our clients.
We can be reached via phone at 773/844-4242.

AIC provides accurate, insightful and clear information so you can make an informed real estate decision.

Are you looking for a home inspection that provides relevant information?

Do you want to gain an understanding of the home you are buying?
Do you care whether the building is safe or not?

Then you’ve found the right inspector for you. We provide thorough and relevant inspection services. Call or email to ask questions or schedule your inspection today. We don’t do meaningless checkbox reports that get handed over at the end of the inspection. We won’t be done in a hour either and in the end you’ll have a good understanding of the house you are buying.

There are several initial costs to buying a home. The actual purchase cost, associated costs and short term post purchase costs. Often times the short term post purchase costs get overlooked. Our Home inspection report focuses on providing you with relevant information, so that you can properly evaluate the feasibility of the purchase based on condition of the property and what you’ll need to put into the property after initial purchase.

Gaining knowledge about the property you are considering purchasing is one of the primary reasons to request an inspection. Not all inspections are the same. Not all inspection types should be the same. We DO NOT do checkbox reports.

Accurate Inspections & Consulting is available to provide you with a wide range of inspection services to accommodate your individual building assessment needs.

Thinking of remodeling your house and have Code questions? I can provide answers

You’ve received a violation notice from the City and don’t know what it means? I can provide translation services and recommendations.

Please give us a call or Contact Us to schedule an inspection.

  • We serve clients throughout the Chicagoland area.
  • All Home inspections are conducted according to the State of Illinois Standards of Practice.
  • New construction and light commercial inspections follow the ASTM E–2018 ‘Property Condition Assessment baseline.’
  • Other inspection types follow applicable industry standards, guidelines, and practices.
  • Troubled Building Specialist – the worse the building, the more you should hire us.