‘Home Inspections That Matter’

Accurate Inspections & Consulting is a boutique inspection company providing relevant and informative reporting so that you can make a smart real estate decision for yourself, your company and your family. AIC provides a variety of inspection types to meet real estate buyer assessment needs.
While other inspection companies focus on quantity, we focus on providing our clients with quality relevant information you can actually understand and use.

* Commercial and apartment building inspections should provide an investor with 3 essential services:
1. Educate you about apartment and infrastructure conditions
2. Address liability and compliance concerns
3. Assess post purchase capital investment needs

* A good home inspection should provide a homebuyer 3 essential services:
1. Educate you about the property you are looking to buy
2. Evaluate the true condition of the property
3. Inform you about realistic post-purchase cost considerations and safety concerns

We do NOT provide any type of meaningless pre-printed checkbox type report.

We can be reached via phone at 773/844-4242. Please click on the tabs at the top of the page for additional service options.

AIC performs:
Home & condo inspections for homebuyers
Property assessments for large multi-unit and commercial buildings
Code compliance and contract consulting for rehab projects
Pre-sale evaluations

Thinking of remodeling your house and have Code questions? We can provide answers

Have you received a violation notice from the City and don’t know what it means? We can provide translation services and recommendations.

Please give us a call or Contact Us to schedule an inspection.

  • We serve clients throughout the Chicagoland area.
  • All Home inspections are conducted according to the State of Illinois Standards of Practice.
  • New construction and light commercial inspections follow the ASTM E–2018 ‘Property Condition Assessment baseline.’
  • Other inspection types follow applicable industry standards, guidelines, and practices.
  • Troubled Building Specialist – the worse the building, the more you should hire us.